The French Film Export association

The French Film Export association was founded in March 1999.
With a roll of 25 member companies, it stands as the sole representative of the French sales agents.  

ADEF brings together the experiences and energies of respected professionals in order to create a strong export flow, to prospect new outlets for French and European productions, to develop common strategies, and to gather and exchange trade information among the French companies.

  • The ADEF’s main actions aim to :
    provide its members with an updated international distribution contract, including the new technical supports exploitation ;
  • set up a ‘professionals only’ data-base on the website of Unifrance Film International to provide market information and figures on a restricted access basis ;
  • lobby the festivals and markets management ;
  • fight against piracy by participating actively in European working networks. The ADEF has endorsed the European Charter for film online and works in close cooperation with the European Commission to help enforce IPR protection ;
  • work closely with Unifrance to create and develop special events abroad, to promote French cinema and its sales agents activity in international festivals and markets.

ADEF is the voice of the French exporters towards the French and European organisations.


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